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Registration No.: CK1990/038797/23
ACCREDITED by the S.A. Institute of Mechanical Engineers, mandated by the Engineering Council of South Africa in respect of Continuing Professional Development.
LISTED on the DEPT of TRADE & INDUSTRY B-BBEE Registry & Opportunities - Network, Level 4.
BBBEE: Certified

Garnett Cross Hydraulic Courses was established in 1974 by Garnett Cross. Garnett has been in the hydraulics field for 42 years, consulting and conducting hydraulic courses in the maintenance and design of hydraulic systems. On occasion he has acted as an expert witness in Supreme Court Cases in hydraulic system disputes.

Garnett Cross Hydraulic Courses has an extensive list of industries to whom hydraulics has been taught. The client base of the company is over 990 companies, which include most of the Mining companies, Motor Car Manufacturers, Paper and Pulp Industries, Metal Industry, Shipping, Heavy Metals Industries, Forest Product Industries, Tyre Manufacturers, Major Hydraulic Companies, in fact most major companies in South Africa.

Personnel attending our courses are not only shown the function of the various hydraulic components, but also the correct approach for working with hydraulic equipment and systems. The importance of cleanliness, filtration and oil handling is discussed. During the discussion on fluid handling, time is spent reviewing the ISO 4406 Cleanliness Class for Hydraulic Fluids and the basic tolerances for some of the major hydraulic components. Time is also spent in determining pipe sizes in relation to flow rate.

Faultfinding in hydraulic systems is normally a problem. Candidates are shown a logical approach to determine the possible causes of stoppages in hydraulic circuitry.

Garnett Cross Hydraulic Courses does not sell or repair Hydraulic Equipment, and are not affiliated to any such company. The company has been dedicated to training South Africa's Engineers, Production Managers, Foremen and Artisans for the past 40 years.

It is a proven fact that training unlocks self-motivation, resulting in an enthusiastic, creative and committed workforce. Training Reduces Hydraulic Related Downtime, Reduces Component Loss and improves system efficiency.